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**MAWS 2015 Fall Conference & Annual Meeting**
"Midwifery: Your Passion & Your Profession"
Friday, November 20th 8:30am-6pm
The Mountaineers, Seattle Program Center
7700 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115

Please come visit us on the Fall Conference page for all the details on how to register and what the schedule for the day looks like.

We already have an incredible line-up of speakers for the MAWS 2015 Fall Conference and Annual Meeting. Make sure to “like” us on Facebook to follow the posts about these speakers. Have any questions? Please contact Kristin at conference@washingtonmidwives.org.

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MAWS Spring Conference 2015 Speaker Slides:

Listening: The Best Skill for Clinical Excellence - Keynote from Dr. Benjamin Danielson

Best Treatment Practices for Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders - Heidi Koss, MA, LMHC

How Does PCOS Affect Lactation? - Kristina Chamberlain, CNM, ARNP, IBCLC

Laryngeal Mask Airway: Implications for Washington State Licensed Midwives - Jessica Edens, MSM Student

Midwifery Care for Early Pregnancy Loss: Optimizing Client-Centered Counseling and Management - Tara Cardinal, CNM, ARNP and Marnie Raelene, MSM Student

Marijuana in Pregnancy - Our Local Experiment - Martin Walker, MD

Hearing Loss from a Parent Perspective - Kristina Wendorf

Protection from Infection in Mothers and Infants: Updates for the Clinician - Helen Chu, MD

To Cool? Neonatal Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy and Therapeutic Hypothermia - Lauren Sacco DNP, ARNP, NNP-BC

The MAWS Fall Conference November 22, 2013 was a great event!
Speaker slides:

New Pap Guidelines for Midwives: Case Studies 2013 - Connie Mao, MD

Newborn Screening in 2013 - Traci McDermott, MD

Pulse-oximetry During Neonatal Resuscitation - Taylor Sawyer, DO, MEd

Assessing Costs of Births in Varied Settings - Laurie Cawthon, MD, MPH

Pulse Oximetry for Congenital Heart Disease Screening in Newborns - Amy Schultz, MD

Increasing the Racial and Ethnic Diversity of Direct-Entry Midwives - Emi Yamasaki McLaughlin, LM, CPM, MSM

Research Committee - MANA Stats - Tina Tsiakalis, LM, CPM & Wendy Gordon, LM, CPM

The MAWS 2013 Spring Conference was a huge success
Access conference slides and handouts by clicking here.

The 2012 MAWS Fall Conference & Annual Meeting held on Friday, November 9, 2012 was a success! Conference slides and handouts below.

8:30 am: Update: Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy - Robin deRegt, MD OB/Gyn

9:45 am: Frenulums and Craniums: Overcoming Certain Breastfeeding Challenges with Frenotomies and Cranial Therapy - MaryAnn O'Hara, MD and Karen Santos, PT
Frenotomy data Summary

2:15 pm: Presentation on OB COAP Data - Ellie Kaufman, MD OB/Gyn with Kristin Sitcov

3:15 pm: Update: Non-Stress Tests and Using Fetal Monitor in Our Practices - Karen Hays, CNM DNP

4:15 pm: Intermittent Auscultation - Research and Practice - Karen Hays, CNM DNP & Wendy Gordon, LM CPM MPH

MAWS 2012 Spring Conference - Eliminating Disparities in Maternity Care Together
The Midwives' Association of Washington State presented a focused conference on eliminating racial and cultural disparities in maternity care access and outcomes on May 4, 2012. This working conference was attended by midwives, nurses, social workers, doulas, lactation consultants, social justice advocates and students committed to moving our community towards the best future for all mothers and babies. We heard the latest research, learned about successful models and strategized about how we can work together to be part of the solution to this problem. We continued important conversations about undoing racism and strategized about how to move forward to eliminate disparities in maternity care. We also raised $6,500 as seed money for the new Washington Midwifery Foundation towards scholarships for aspiring midwives.

Click here to learn about our speakers.

Watch this short video that offers a glimpse of the work done by our exciting keynote speaker, Jennie Joseph.

Our Fall 2011 Conference was a huge success. Conference slides and handouts below.

VBAC: Update on the Recent Evidence
Louisa Wales, LM, CPM

New Perspective on VBAC 2011 (PDF)
VBAC New Insights Review (PDF)
Systematic Review Sonographic LUS Thickness 2010 (PDF)
Acceptable Risk for VBAC in Birth Centers in Germany (PDF)
VBAC Presentation MAWS Fall 2011 (PDF)
MAWS 2011 Final Draft VBAC Guidelines (PDF)

"I'm Sorry" - Enhancing Relationships, Easing Grief and Preventing Medical Malpractice Claims
Victoria Grace
Download PDF of Powerpoint Presentation

Sorry Works!
The Little Book of Empathy and Sorry Works 2.0 can be ordered from Sorry Works!
Sorry Works! blog - Doug Wojcieszak: Baby Destinee’s Powerful Disclosure Story
Washington’s Apology Law, RCW 5.64.010
JAAPA August 2010: Disclosure of Medical Errors: The Right Thing To Do - Quality Care Committee AAPA
Commonwealth Magazine Summer 2010: Saying Sorry - Alison Lobron
University of Washington Teaching Module: Talking About Harmful Medical Errors with Patients

Gestational Diabetes Update
Tracy McDaniel ND, LM, CPM
Download PDF of Powerpoint Presentation

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